This weekend, Chris and I (and many of our friends across the city) were a part of a great coming-together— a conference of sorts. And most of the talks were arresting.

Let me take a breath, please.

Let me talk this through, please.

My mind has been reeling since, and I can’t help but pour it over into this space. I may have left with more questions than answers:

( How do I contribute to making this city flourish?

How do I balance my life/work/relationships/hobbies////?

How do I support the vulnerable? 

In community, who are my 3, 12, or my 120? 

How seriously do I take the stewardship of my vocation?

And in my writing, how will I get over my fear of audience? )

But it’s in the conversations around these questions, that will provide answers. These answers aren’t do this, do that, fit your life just like this, but be and love and share and serve and keep talking. I swear, that the conversations that happened in the wee hours of Friday night, over wine and tacos, and the conversations in the car coming home, and with my husband Sunday morning, the conversations are already providing answers.

They are awakening something. Because the very act of asking the questions, and knowing the questions, is making us more aware. More attuned to changing and growing.

And from the words pieced together from Amy and Andy, we learned that those who will make a difference in Richmond and in relationships, are those who choose to dwell. Those who choose to inhabit fully. To plant and to realize.

Cheers to that.

  • sarah

    what a great opportunity, to choose to dwell and do it fully. I’m with you on the vocational stewardship search; keller’s ‘every good endeavor’ has been an awesome resource for me. good thought: “one of the
    hopes for our unraveling society is the recovery of the idea that
    all human work is not merely a job but a calling…”

    January 24th, 2013 9:50
    • Rebecca Payne

      sarah! i just got that book for christmas! i’m (finally) reading crouch’s culture making, and then i’m on to that. bookclub?!

      January 24th, 2013 15:53

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