Things around here can get awful heady, am I right? I can write a serious game, but it doesn’t truly reflect the entirety of my life (On another note: we all know now that blogs don’t do this, right…? I’m gonna go ahead and hope that’s common knowledge by now.).

Anyway, my daily life is a pinch more ridiculous and a smidgeon less dreary than it may seem here.

Because here’s the thing that I’m learning, accepting, and loving, with the help of Whitman: I contain multitudes. I am serious and ridiculous. I love dresses but also jean cut-offs and not wearing makeup. I’ll read Mindy Kaling as quickly as I’ll read Flannery, and love sipping whiskey but daggon if I don’t love a shot of tequila. I love country living but my home is in the city, and I love being active and feeling strong, but man, I can porch-sit like you ain’t never seen.

Yes, I am woman, roaring, in my multitudes.

Shauna Niequist has written often– in her books and on all the pages of her social media– about her love of laughter. She’s a wise, winsome writer who just loves to laugh, and laugh for hours or all night long around the table. As a writer, I often think I should take myself more seriously, know more smart things, read more heavy books. But guys, I love laughing. And spending time with people to get to those times, that’s an investment.

All of this should be freeing, if you want it to be. Some of us are singularly minded, and that’s really neat and I’m gonna be honest– I’m kinda jealous. But that’s not how I was built, and I’m learning, accepting, and loving that that’s okay.



  • Jessie

    Oh. Oh, oh, oooohhh you are speaking to my heart. I relate 100%, especially with the thought that it should be freeing. “Should” being the key word. I have so many moments where I am intensely aware of how wonderful and open and flexible my life is, and how surely one day, decades from now, I’ll look back at this period and sigh with envy. But honestly? It doesn’t often feel that way. It feels haphazard and scattered – a month intensely dedicated to this, another devoted to that, and all towards what end? I want to write a novel; oh no, wait, I’m the author of snappy, easy-breezy magazine features; hm, maybe yoga is my true calling… Thank you for reminding me that we don’t have to know and we don’t have to be singularly minded. Very glad to find your blog.

    April 23rd, 2015 10:16
    • Rebecca Parker Payne

      Ha! That string of questions/ideas….I am SO familiar with that. Maybe this is what I should do, no this, what about this. Anyway, glad you can relate and glad to know I’m not the only one who needs to just chill out and be okay with being many things.

      April 23rd, 2015 10:40
  • Erica Midkiff

    Oh yes. I’m absolutely full of contradictions, but it has taken so much time to be ok with that. But laughter? I think that’s a necessity, no matter what. xoxo

    April 25th, 2015 18:05

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