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a life that’s rich, and growing richer

[Heads up, folks. This is honest. And may not cast me in the best light. You decide. I do think though, that these feelings and concerns over one's worth and usefulness aren't exclusive to me, if we're all being completely honest. (Right?!) So I'm sharing. That's why. Because I don't think I'm the only one.] If you haven't noticed, there's been a whole let less writing happening on this corner...

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tracing my year

I'm not someone who experiences something, then forgets it. Especially when it comes to whatever is entertaining, moving, or influencing me. This includes the music that I listen to, the books that I read, the concepts or ideas that inhabit my mind, anything. I think it's partly why I'm a writer-- because everything has meaning to me, or is somehow connected to a greater and larger narrative. I see these connections...

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the good life, on second glance

This is a busy season. Isn't every season? But seriously. We've been flung from shower to wedding to shower to birthday. And let's be honest, these events can hold your time hostage (or, really what you perceive to be your time...). More travel, another gift, and look, I forgot a card again. Shocker. Then I remember the comments I hear from co-workers and other acquaintances casually referencing, 'well, I'm not going to any more...

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acknowledging the good

I've always seen my life, and the seasons therein, in words. In college it was strife (or some dark variation of the concept). After college, it was intention, in the midst of flailing. Dating Chris was trust, so much trust. And these days, I may be getting ahead of my self in naming it, but it's feeling like contentment. Contentment in the way that we are happy, yes. Very very...

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Living in Boxes

So Chris and I are living out of boxes. Boxes on boxes in rooms closed away so we pretend we don't see them. We moved about two months ago. And still, there are boxes. It may sound crazy, but this is our life. We are busy and we are full. I say "no" to plenty, and I'm pretty in tune with my boundaries, but this is still our crazy, living-outta-boxes...

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