Ya’ll. It has been a while. I mean, whoa!

And while I have a lot to say– I mean I have been silent for like a whole daggon month– I am feeling like I need to keep this one light. Chris and I have been working so much recently, that when it comes to time to sit down, it’s like give me something that will revive me. Give me something that will give me a little more life and energy. Not TV, not more screens, something different.

My drug of choice has been Marilynn Robinson. Chris’s has been the guitar. Or banjo. Or some alternating rhythm of the two. I’m okay with it.

Other than that, I’ve been holding babies, writing my arse off, visiting loved ones, being visited by other loved ones, seeing my favorite team (#httr), running and walking, baking and lots of eating. Always eating. But here are all the other things, the snapshots of worlds I wish I could live in forever.

sisters in the fire, by kate / harrisonburg / harrisonburg / skins practice / that girl / richmond walks / river time with littlest sister

photo 1


photo 2 (1)


photo 3






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