Today is a bittersweet day. July 25th. My younger sister’s birthday. A day we always spent together growing up– swimming, eating ice cream, and as recent as 3 years ago, building a monstrous (albeit dangerous) slip and slide in the backyard.

This year she’s a few hours away, working at her job, living her life with her husband, and I’m just the faintest bit sad.

I often think of my heart as un-whole. Like there are these caverns– both big and small– from where I’ve left pieces of my heart scattered in the homes and cities of those that I love. The biggest fractured & wandering piece is hovering somewhere in Harrisonburg with her. Because there is this sense that I am not wholly me without her. It is a strange and confusing feeling, but one that I feel with all my sisters, and my parents too.

I am okay though, I promise guys. I get along with living just fine. We do see each other often– far more frequently than other families. And I know there will be reunion, and it will be, as it always is, blessed.

So the happiest and sweetest of birthdays to my Annie Bananie. It kills me not to celebrate with you today, but I’ll be there soon.



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