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The Kinfolk Table

Writing is not easy. Really, any sort of work that demands much of your heart and mind is not easy. There are tears and breakdowns and I-never-want-to-do-this-again’s. Guys, there are so many misses. Like, a million misses. So many words deleted. What feels like an eternity of red lines and track changes and feedback and edits. (From this post alone, I actually wrote twice as much as what you're reading....

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Kinfolk Vol. 8

Every opportunity I have to write for Kinfolk is a delight. This past issue was more difficult than others I've been a part of, but I am thinking that that makes it all the more worthwhile. Kinfolk is progressing a bit, and is focusing on providing more structured themes for each issue. This issue's theme: Japan. Going into it, I knew nothing about Japan. My knowledge of Japan goes as...

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Kinfolk Vol. 6

This Kinfolk is particularly sentimental for me. For a few reasons. One, because the piece I wrote is particularly sentimental. After being away from it for a few months now, re-reading it made me cry-- maybe not so surprisingly. It's a joy to be able to write about my family, and the great parenting of my mom and dad which fostered this unique dynamic between my sisters and me. There are powerful...

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