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Life, In Exponents

Last month, I played matron of honor at my youngest sister's wedding. I cried, I laughed, I toasted and danced. Then, within 6 days of that, I said goodbye to my grandmother. I kissed her hands, and wrote an obituary. What I want out of life is for it to come in ones. One event, one emotion, one holistic experience. But that doesn't happen. Life comes in exponents instead-- joy, sadness,...

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july 25th

Today is a bittersweet day. July 25th. My younger sister's birthday. A day we always spent together growing up-- swimming, eating ice cream, and as recent as 3 years ago, building a monstrous (albeit dangerous) slip and slide in the backyard. This year she's a few hours away, working at her job, living her life with her husband, and I'm just the faintest bit sad. I often think of my...

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This Momentous Giving

Even after being back a week, it's hard to put words around our Bahamas trip. I keep coming up short. We went with 7 couples who we love and who love us. We traveled together, we ate together, and we played bocce together. It was so fun, and it was so much more. Most nights, we sat around a table and we shared, asked questions, guided conversations to charter the...

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My Introverted, Independent Confession

So I planned on writing about music tonight-- something light, something non-serious. Something actually to make you feel like, ah, she is maybe not so melo-dramatic. But then my blog failed me, for one reason or another, and wouldn't let me upload a daggone video. I wanted to talk about wistfulness! And revelry! Dammit! And with Chris gone tonight (who fixes all my computer errors), it's just gonna be fully...

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